Revealed: Northern lottery formula to win big every day

In this article New88 will share an effective Northern lottery formula for bettors to refer to. These are useful methods because they combine folk experience and modern strategies. If you are someone who has a passion for numbers, you should not miss this article.
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What is the lottery formula?

A lottery formula, also known as a lottery method, is a series of rules or methods that lottery players use to create odds and predicted numbers based on their experience and knowledge. Surname. This formula may include statistics and analysis of past lottery data, application of mathematical principles, and identification of models and rules that can predict the numbers.

In addition, bettors also use techniques such as lottery, gambling and many other methods to create the most accurate lottery numbers. Betting formulas will be strategies for players to increase their chances of winning and improve betting performance in each bet.

The most standard Northern lottery formulas

Among the many methods of betting and predicting lottery numbers, below are 5 outstanding formulas that we will list. This can be considered the perfect set of formulas, helping you have a higher chance of winning, let’s explore right here:

Play lottery according to memory

The formula is called “memory” because it has proven surprisingly effective in predicting results. The previous article had detailed instructions on how to predict silver numbers, and below is a list of specific statistics for pairs of numbers from 00 to 99, so you can apply it in practice easily.

  • If today the lottery number is 00, then the next day you can bet 10 or 99, with an accuracy of about 91.9%.
  • If today’s lottery number is 01 or 10, then silver memory gives you two options: 06 or 60, and 89 or 98. Both of these are correct, and you can change between them.
  • If today’s lottery number is 02 or 20, then silver remembers to give you the numbers 12 or 21, and possibly 20 or 22.
  • If today’s lottery number is 05 or 50, then remember to give you the number 26 or 62.
  • If today’s lottery number is 08 or 80, then remember to give you the number 00.

Formula for predicting the beginning and the tail

The formula for playing lottery numbers based on dumb heads and dumb tails is a concept that is no longer strange to experienced lottery players. However, for those who are just starting out or don’t know about it, keep watching to better understand how to apply this formula to Northern lottery:

  • When the dumb end is 0, you should play the numbers 04, 06, and 09 the next day.
  • When the dumb end is 1, choose the numbers 16 and 17 to play.
  • When the dumb end is 2, your options are the numbers 21, 25, and 29 to bet on the next day.
  • When the dumb end is 3, you should play the numbers 30, 36, and 39.

The lottery formula is based on special prizes and 4th and 5th prizes

The Northern lottery calculation formula based on special prize prediction has existed in folklore for a long time and has been passed down through many generations. To apply this formula, you need to do the following steps:
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  • Statistics of Northern lottery results for the previous two days.
  • Find lucky number pairs by filtering out numbers that appeared in yesterday’s special prize results.
  • For example: If yesterday’s lottery result was 23 and among the 10 results of prize 4 and prize 5 of the previous two days there was a set of numbers 2356, you will remove number 23 (yesterday’s special result) and keep Again, pair number 56. This pair of numbers will be used as the winning number to play the lottery that day.

Play the lottery by combining special prizes

To apply this method, first, you need to collect the special prize results of the most recent 7 days. After collecting these results, you will filter out the first numbers from each result.

For example: After filtering, you have a series of numbers: 9, 9, 1, 8, 2, 6, 7. Next, you will combine these numbers in order from left to right. The result will be the set of numbers: 99, 91, 98, 92, 96, 97, 18, 12, 16, 17, 82, 86, 87, 26, 27, 67.

Some notes for bettors to remember when using the betting formula

Please remember that when using these formulas, they are for reference only and do not guarantee 100% success. Especially for lottery beginners, please understand that lottery is still considered illegal in some places.

We recommend that you play in a controlled manner and only bet amounts that are appropriate for your personal finances. If you want to continue participating in the lottery, please play online at a reputable house to ensure safety.

All of the above content is the betting formulaMost effective according to statistics from experts. If you are someone who has a passion for numbers, don’t ignore the above formulas to find your chances of winning.

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