List of Health and Wellness Podcasts

The top health and wellness podcasts can help you eat healthier, gain weight, exercise more effectively and enhance mental wellbeing. Whether it’s advice about meditation or expert interviews on medical breakthroughs, there is no shortage of podcasts that can support your overall well-being.

TEDTalks Health (Short)

The TEDTalks health podcast series offers concise presentations from TED events and conferences that will inspire you with big ideas on a range of topics. One episode delves into how cancer cells communicate with one another, while another showcases a program in Zimbabwe that trains grandmothers to treat depression. Each TED Talk offers an informative and inspiring look into medicine and science – perfect for when you want to listen while waiting in line at the supermarket or flying long distances. With these inspiring talks, it’s easy to keep up with science while getting some inspiration at the same time!

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Food Heaven: Nutrition, Mindset & Culture

Co-hosts Wendy Lopez, MS, RD, CDCES and Jessica Jones, MS, RD, CDE have been offering their perspectives as Black women in the holistic wellness space since 2011. They tackle topics relevant to a wide range of listeners like body positivity, diet culture, social justice issues and food activism. Plus they feature special episodes with experts from fields like aging nutrition mental health sustainability as well as advice on cultivating self-worth amidst restrictive dieting trends and wellness fads.

Functional Medicine Practitioner Evan Brand is an expert in functional nutrition and functional medicine, offering a wealth of content to assist you with your healthcare issues. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and research, he provides you with an in-depth examination of individual needs such as autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances, stress, sleep issues, brain health concerns – plus much more! You can find even more valuable resources through his blog and telehealth program.

Revive Stronger: Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset

This podcast is an excellent option for anyone interested in building muscle and learning more about bodybuilding. It takes a unique approach to traditional strength training podcasts by focusing on fitness as well as nutrition and mindset. The hosts – both trainers – strive to deliver information that’s accessible and relatable for everyone.

Maintenance Phase: Fads, Trends & Scams

Launched in October 2020, this podcast is an invaluable resource for those searching for an honest exploration of trends, scams and misconceptions in the wellness industry. It provides a safe space where those struggling with their weight, health or wellbeing can discuss their struggles without fear of judgement or shame.

Psych Professor: Mental Health Awareness Month Edition

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this podcast offers a great platform to discuss and normalize conversations about mental illness. Ben Bidwell interviews experts and people who have personally experienced mental illness, helping you gain an insight into its effects on daily life.

Noom: Lose Weight and Maintain Loss

Are you serious about reaching your weight goals, Noom is the app for you. Their personalized 12-week programs take into account your fitness objectives and lifestyle to help guide you toward success. Plus, Noom’s app is free and user-friendly with a helpful team to guide you along the way.

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