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Turn Mineral Makeup Powder Into Natural Makeup

Make Your Regular Powder Foundation Mineral

Switching your regular powder foundation for a mineral one has many advantages, not only does it improve the comfort of your skin, but it’s also more eco-friendly.

By opting for organic cosmetics, you’ll be able to avoid all the synthetic ingredients and fillers found in most commercial makeup. Plus, you have complete control over your colors and shades!

Pure Minerals are natural oxides and micro minerals that create a smooth, even complexion. Not only do they replenish and nourish the skin without clogging pores or adding bulk, but Pure Minerals also moisturize and nourish it without drying it out.

They’re ideal for oily, blemish-prone and mature skin types.

Mineral makeup differs from conventional cosmetics in that it does not contain synthetic silicones and waxes, artificial dyes, fragrance or pore-clogging oils. Instead, it relies on natural ingredients like minerals and clays.

When shopping for mineral makeup, be sure to read the label for preservatives and other chemicals. The more synthetic the ingredients are, the greater your risk of allergic reactions or other issues.

Commercial makeup typically contains talc, which is a cheap white powder base commonly used in the beauty industry. Though talc itself isn’t harmful, excessive application may cause skin irritation.

Additionally, it may cause acne breakouts; therefore, it’s best to steer clear of products that contain talc or abrasives.

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When using talc-containing powder foundation, it can exacerbate your acne problems by trapping dirt in the pores and making them larger and more visible.

Talc can also cause your makeup to fade and crack over time, increasing the likelihood that talc will need replacement.

Certain powders contain bismuth oxychloride, which may irritate sensitive or allergic-prone skin. It may cause redness, burning and itching as well.

When purchasing mineral makeup, make sure it does not contain any of these irritating or hazardous elements.

When selecting mineral makeup colors, look for those with natural pigments and no artificial dyes. Some brands may use synthetic dyes to simulate natural mineral makeup colors but these may cause your skin to break out or become irritated.

Vegetable glycerin in mineral makeup can help to soften and tone the skin, making it easier to blend in your minerals for a more organic look and feel.

For those with dry or mature skin, it’s essential to use a moisturizer before applying mineral foundation. Finally, set your makeup with some matte-setting product like blotting paper for all-day moisture and matte perfection.

Finally, finish off your look by applying either natural sunscreen or mineral sun block for added protection against UV rays.

Turn your powdered mineral foundation into a liquid by mixing it with water. This makes the powder easier to apply and provides additional coverage if desired.

Powdered mineral foundation can provide full coverage quickly and easily, but it won’t last as long as if you had just purchased liquid foundation instead. If you’re in a rush and need your foundation to last longer, try using a pressed powder with SPF instead.

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