How to Play Mau Binh, Fight Fast, Win Quickly and Effectively

How to play Mau Binh simply and easily to win rewards is something that many people want to learn. Although this is not a very complicated game, you need to understand important strategies. Follow the article below now New88 to understand better!
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Some information about the game Mau Binh

Mau Binh, also known by another name, is the gray soldier. This is a very popular game in Vietnamese folklore. When participating, members need to overcome challenges and must know how to calculate and have card stacking skills to defeat opponents.

Each table according to regulations will have 4 – 6 people participating in the game. General How to play Mau Binh Not too complicated, the game also uses a set of 52 cards to proceed. The cards will be arranged in the correct order of value from high to low as follows: Ace (A), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8,…

What are important terms in the game Mau Binh?

The way to play Mau Binh smartly is that you need to understand the important terms of this game. As follows:

  • Chi: Used to refer to a set of 3 – 5 cards and arranged into a group together. Each participant needs to form 3 different sets.
  • Straight box: Each corresponding set will have 5 cards and must have continuous value and be of the same suit. 
  • Four of a Kind: Term used to refer to a suit consisting of 4 cards and similar to a straight flush.
  • Whole: The suit consists of 2 cards with the same value and the remaining 3 cards must also have the same value.
  • Flush: Used to refer to a set of any 5 cards combined.

Simple instructions for calculating money when playing Mau Binh

In addition to understanding how to play Mau Binh, you also have to learn how to calculate money when playing, specifically:

Win and lose 1 hand Win and lose 2 hands Win and lose 3 hands
Win 1 time bet amount 2 times the bet amount 3 times the bet amount
Lose 1 time bet amount 2 times the bet amount 3 times the bet amount

How to play Mau Binh is simple and easy to win big for you

Below are some effective playing strategies that will help you easily win:

Analyze your opponent’s cards carefully

The first way to play Mau Binh is to analyze your opponent’s cards to make the right move. Try to read other people’s cards to discover your strengths every time you play. This will help you make the right choice. Besides, every time your opponent plays a card, try to remember it.

Take advantage of the opportunity to combine cards

The next way to play Mau Binh is for members to take advantage of the opportunity to combine cards. Mau binh is essentially a game that allows participants to combine cards to form large connections. Therefore, you should take advantage of this point to get strong cards to optimize your chances of winning.

How to play Mau Binh: Keep your cards hidden

Keeping the cards you own a secret is a strategy that every member needs to remember. You absolutely should not let your opponent read and discover what numbers you have in your hand. Because then other members will predict your steps so they can change plans accordingly.
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Be proactive in every step

How to actively play Mau Binh in each step is also a tip that many experts often share. In addition to reading your opponent’s cards, you need to make other moves to control your fun. You should consider each decision every time you make it. Let’s look at the options available to place bets that suit the current situation. 

Apply the rules

Using special rules is also a smart way to play Mau Binh that rookies should not ignore. This game has some very distinct rules such as wax or dragon halls which will be used to create the strongest value decks. Therefore, members should grasp and apply it to the right situations when playing to increase their chances of winning.

Have a long-term strategy

Having a long-term strategy, one of the unbeatable ways to play Mau Binh, helps you change the situation quickly. When trying this game, you don’t just play each game but need to have a long-term plan. Therefore, always calculate and make the right decisions based on your abilities. With these strategies in hand, players will maximize their chances.


Above is information about how to play Mau Binh that New88 wants to share with readers. Hopefully through this you will firmly grasp these good tips to apply to your actual betting tables.

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