Revealing the Game Rules and How to Play 3 Cards from the Masters

Play 3 cards How to win the most wins is a question that is attracting a lot of attention from brothers. Three cards is an attractive card game with a high winning amount, so there are countless people who want to participate in playing. Therefore, there are countless people who want to participate in this game every day. Therefore, today’s article 789 BET introduces you to the easiest ways to play this card game.

Briefly introduce the lesson 3 trees

The 3-card hand is also known as scratch card game, scratch cards, turtle scratch cards. Each table must have at least 2 people or more and there is no limit to the number of players Play Poker or play Blackjack, etc. Normally, on holidays, people often organize a 3-card game. Because of its high lethality, this game has been around for a long time but still receives a lot of love from the younger generation.

How to play scratch cards Very simple, each person will be dealt 3 cards, not 9 cards like Phom game. Although this game does not specify a maximum number of players, the deck of cards only has 52 cards, so each table usually has a maximum of 6 participants. In particular, 10 is the fixed score scale to determine who will win. 

Learn the rules of the 3-card game at 789BET

To have the easiest way to play 3 cards to win, you must clearly understand the rules of this game. In particular, most bookmakers stipulate the rules of the game Card game These are relatively similar, only different in bonus levels and incentive policies. Below we will share in detail the rules of playing this card game at the house 789BET, you can apply it to many places:

Chapter game rules

In a 3-card table, someone must hold the chapter. If you play this scratch card at the dealer, the side holding the chapter will be the dealer. To end the game and determine which side is the final winner, players will compare scores with others and with the side holding the medal.

Scoring rules

In a 3-card game, the K and 10 cards will be discarded. Therefore, there are only 36 cards left that can be used. The cards are from 2 to 10, the points will be from 2 to 10 respectively. The Ace card will have the smallest value. The highest score in this game is 10. 

If the players’ scores are equal, the nature of the card will be considered. Hearts have the highest value, diamonds are second, clubs are third and spades have the lowest value.

Revealing the most effective methods of playing 3 cards

When playing 3 cards, the dealer will divide each person 3 cards equally, then give players about 20 seconds to place their bets. Usually, people often place their bets based on their feelings. However, if you bet this way, the probability of winning many games is very low. Therefore, if you have spent time playing games, you should try to learn more playing methods card game This is what 789BET shares:

Deal 9 cards

How to deal 9-button scratch cards Surely the strategy of playing 3 cards is very familiar to veteran bettors. However, for new players, they may not have heard of this term. Here is how to deal 9-button scratch cards that we have compiled from the playing experience of many experts:

  • First 3 cards: In these 3 cards, everyone must learn to “quit”. That is, try to gather cards that are not related to each other.
  • Choose a card for the next game: In the card you currently own, choose the card above/middle/bottom to be the card for the next game.

After performing the above method of dealing cards, please continue to divide the cards according to the following process: Gather the cards => Shuffle the cards => Sutra cards => Pass the cards => Deal the cards.

Play 3-card trick

Currently, the betting system at major bookmakers like 789BET is very stable, and players’ tricks can be easily detected. Therefore, you should not use the 3-card hack tool when playing. If you play 3 cards offline, you can apply methods such as: Instructions on how to play 3-card trick which we share below: 

  • Method 1 – 3-card card game: To play this 3-card card game, you must have agile hands and move at high speed. This is a way of playing where everyone will use their quick hands to draw the 3 cards with the highest score.
  • Method 2 – Shuffling cards: This is a difficult playing technique, not suitable for beginners. Shuffling cards is the way players quickly use their fingers to push the desired cards back up. 


The above article has shared detailed game rules and methods play 3 cards effective. Among them, the playing methods we have are only suitable for offline play. If you want the secret to betting 3 cards to earn the most money at an online bookmaker, you should refer to the tips for playing. 3-card card game that 789BETcare shared.

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All the Easiest Ways to Play Catte for Beginners

How to play Catte Surely it is no longer strange to many bettors. Because this is a game that has been around for a long time in Vietnam, it has a simple way to play that just needs to practice playing techniques so everyone can win a lot. So what is Catte, how to play and how to download this card game? In today’s article, 789BET will decode all of this for you.


What is catte?

Catte is a card game that has been around for a long time in our country. Most casinos and online bookies offer this game. How to play catte is also very simple play 3 cards or Go ahead and redeem your prize. However, there are probably still many rookies who do not know clearly how to play and the rules of Catte.

Catte is a game from India, with interesting and simple gameplay, this game has been spread and won the love of many players in many countries, including Vietnam. Besides the name Catte, this game also has many other names such as cut numb, sand te or iron numb.

How to play Catte also uses a set of Western cards like other card games, each table must have at least 2 people or more. However, this game limits the number of players to about 5 to 6 people.

Things to know when playing Catte

To be able to play the card game Catte with complete victory, you must clearly understand the rules of the game, basic gameplay and the most commonly used terms in this game as 789BET shares below:

Rules of playing catte

In Catte there are 3 main rules, which are the spare rule, the white rule and the ace rule. Details of each specific law are as follows:

  • Law of fall: In fall, it is also distinguished into two types, which are individual fall and whole table fall. This rule only applies when 1 person appears to be defeated, and there are at least 2 other people showing cards. In which, whoever wins at the end will win the entire bet amount of the loser. If the player is defeated, he will die Ace and will have his bet deducted by up to 2 times. If the whole village is defeated, it means that except for the final winner, everyone else will be defeated.
  • White win rule: This is a way to play Catte where if someone owns a four-of-a-kind deck of cards, or has 6 spare cards of the same suit, or owns 5 cards with a value less than 6, they will win white. At that time, the player does not need to play cards anymore and is still the final winner.
  • Ace card rule: If a player uses an Ace card, and he or she has not shown the cards yet, the bet will be added. If that player plays the Ace card at the end of the game, they will be fined. 

Common terms in Catte article

During the playing process, the dealer and other people often use terms such as Thiep, Ton, Chung, White, etc. If you do not understand these terms, it will be difficult for you to play Catte effectively. The following are common terms in the card game Catte that 789BET has compiled:

  • Card, or also called Dam in some places: The way to play Catte is that each player will play a card, the other person will give a larger card to block the previous person. The main card is the action where a player puts another card face down because there is no larger card to block the previous player’s card.
  • Tung (also known as Tung): Refers to the cards that are left to play in the final round.
  • Chung (also known as Dan): The way to show Catte cards means that in the 4th round, the player has a card to play to block the previous person’s card and have a turn to play in the 5th round.
  • Dead: This way of playing Catte means that player has all the cards face down in the 4th round.
  • Defeat: Means the player blocks the previous player’s card in the last round, causing them to die.
  • White win: It is the player who wins white according to the rules as we shared above.

Basic way to play Catte

Once you understand the terms and rules of the game, to become a master of this game, you must clearly understand the basic gameplay according to the rules as follows:

How to show cards in the first 4 rounds

How to play Catte has 6 main rounds, in which, the way to play the first 4 rounds will be almost the same. When starting a game of Catte, all players will place bets. If playing offline, the dealer will automatically urge the player to bet. If you play online, there will be a fixed time displayed on the screen. If you do not bet on the right time, you will no longer be able to bet on that game.

In the first 4 rounds, players will play cards to compete and retain the right to play in the last 2 rounds. In particular, when playing offline, the oldest person or the dealer will have the right to play. previous post. If you play online, you will be in the first position, clockwise. 

In particular, when the first person plays a card, the next person must play a card with a higher value than the previous card. If there is no bigger card, the way to play Catte is that the person must choose to put the card face down to give the next person a turn to play. 

Just keep playing until round 4 ends. Any player who dies cannot play in the last 2 rounds. If at the end of round 4 there is only 1 person left, the match ends and the last person standing is the winner.

Instructions on how to play Catte for the last 2 rounds

Those who are still alive to play the last 2 rounds need to show 1 card to let the opponent know in round 5. After that, the opponent will decide to play a card of higher value or put 1 card face down. In round 6, all remaining players need to show off their last card. Whoever has the card with the higher value will win.

Revealing how to play catte easily from experts

To have an easy way to play Catte, in addition to understanding the basic way of playing, you should learn more experiences shared by experts in the world as follows:

Master the rules of the game

Each game has different rules, so before playing Card game At this point, you should also clearly understand the game rules that we shared above. This not only helps people know how to play Catte easily, such as having their own playing strategy, but also prevents cheating. 

Learn how to remember cards and guess Catte cards

A great way to help players earn a huge amount of money when playing Catte is thanks to the ability to guess and remember cards. In particular, the way to remember Catte cards is the way players try to remember clearly what cards their opponents have played. Thanks to that, players will have more accurate ways to predict Catte card moves. At that time, you will know how to play Catte cards to more easily suppress your opponents. 

An example of how to play this Catte card is as follows:

If in the first round, you play an 8 of diamonds card, but your opponent does not block it. This proves that the opponent does not own a checker greater than 8. Therefore, in the next rounds, in order not to die, you can continue to play a checker of greater value.

Learn how to keep and display cards properly

The next effective way to play Catte is to learn how to hold and display cards properly. To do this, try to observe how your opponent plays their cards. From there, judge what cards your opponent has and keep the cards for the final turn. 

Learn how to manage money and allocate playing time appropriately

Although Catte is a highly entertaining game, playing it continuously for a long time is not good. Because if you play for too long, the player will feel tired and no longer have enough clarity to play Catte effectively. 

On the other hand, if you do not know how to manage money well when playing Catte, in a short time, there is a high possibility that all the money you have will be lost. 


The above article of 789BET shared details How to play Catte Easiest to win for new players. Hopefully you will learn and improve your card playing skills thanks to the above knowledge. To download the Catte card game to play at any time, please visit the 789BET bookmaker’s app. Wish success!

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