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Recently, the fish shooting game and scratch card exchange market has welcomed a new partner, which is Vuacaviet. King Viet’s fish portal is attracting the attention of many players because of the unique features it brings. It is known that this fish hunting game not only brings an exciting fish shooting experience but also brings many valuable rewards. The Vietnamese fish king game is not only an entertainment place but also a place to earn daily scratch cards – something that many players appreciate. Together New88 Discover this new game right away
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Introducing the fish shooting game King Ca Viet

Game King Ca Viet is a 3D fish shooting game, characterized by many attractive features and beautiful graphics, attracting more players with an aggressive atmosphere and extremely fun entertainment.

This is a unique and top-notch online fish shooting experience in the gaming world. Built with vivid graphics, realistic sound and simple but challenging gameplay, this prize-winning fish shooting game portal has attracted millions of players around the world.

The game’s excellent development team has turned Game King Ca Viet into one of the most notable online fish shooting games. With excellent graphics, attractive effects and diverse playing systems, this game has attracted the attention and affection of millions of gamers across Vietnam. The gameplay is easy to understand, players use a variety of weapons to shoot at different fish species and earn rewards based on their achievements. 

Game King Ca Viet is not only a regular entertainment game but also brings thrill, challenge and the opportunity to win valuable rewards. With a variety of fish guns, powerful boss fish and an attractive mission system, players always have new and interesting experiences.

Advantages of participating in the King Ca Viet fish shooting game

Playing King Ca Viet is not only simple but also brings interesting experiences and endless attraction. Using equipped tools and weapons to shoot fish and destroy them is quick and easy. Each fish has a different value and score, so players need to determine the target and aim accurately to achieve a high score. The game offers many support items and special skills to help you overcome challenges from difficult fish.

Beautiful graphics

With high-quality graphics, the game creates a lively and engaging world. Realistic images of fish and seascapes help players feel lost in a world under the ocean.

Diverse types of fish in the Vietnamese fish king game

With Fish King, you not only shoot fish but also participate in fish racing, hunt giant fish bosses and even participate in PvP matches with other players. This brings new and exciting experiences every time you participate.
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Level and VIP system

The game has a level system that helps unlock new features, receive valuable gifts and become a true Fish King. Furthermore, reaching a high VIP level will bring more attractive privileges and incentives, creating a unique experience and personal style for players.

Game mode does not require internet

If you do not have an internet connection, the game still allows you to continue the experience through offline play mode. This helps you keep the adventure going without interruption and you can enjoy the game whenever you want.

24/7 customer support

Committed to providing maximum player satisfaction, the game offers continuous, 24/7 customer support. Whether you’re stuck or have questions, the support team is ready to help you quickly and efficiently.

Gameplay in King Fish Viet

The control mechanism in the game King Ca Viet is built with simplicity, using a fairly easy-to-understand interface. Players just need to touch the screen to perform actions. The diverse weapon system is divided into 10 levels with different types of weapons. For high-level weapons, the damage is stronger but the ammo cost is higher. Therefore, balancing hunting for rare fish and saving bullets is important for players in Viet Fish King. In the initial levels, players will encounter easier challenges with a large number of fish that are easy to kill, bringing a lot of gold and gems. However, at higher levels, players will face greater challenges as the fish become much more difficult to kill.

King Ca Viet offers two basic game modes, including Classic and Challenge. Classic mode has many levels with different themes, unlocked according to character level, including diverse fish and weapons with different bets. Meanwhile, Challenge mode allows players to challenge friends via Zalo connection. In this mode, fish shooting achievements are recorded and compared on the leaderboard, creating a playing field to see who will become the best fish hunter. A trick to earn more gold, gems, and diamonds is to follow the fish and set your bets wisely.


In short, the game King Ca Viet retains the addictive gameplay of the Fish Shooting entertainment game series and adds many attractive entertainment and friend-connection features. With an easy control mechanism and lightweight installer, suitable for most mid-range mobile devices today, this game is an unmissable choice for those who love the mobile Fish Shooting game. Experience it now New88.

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