What is the handicap of 1 goal? Experience betting on 1 ball to win big

Currently, the 1-back Handicap bet is very popular and often appears in the bet lists of bookmakers. This bet is often chosen because of its high probability of winning, especially when the handicapped team is considered to have a probability of winning of more than 70%. So what does a 1-goal handicap really look like?  How to read odds and playing experience? Together Kubet Learn more below.
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In soccer: What is a handicap of 1 goal? 

The term “Handicap 1 goal” is a familiar aspect in the field of sports betting, especially in football and it is often used in the Asian handicap genre. When using this type of bet, the house will evaluate the upcoming matches and determine the strength of each team through professional evaluation methods. 

The stronger team will usually have to accept the weaker team with a difference of 1 goal. For the handicapped team to achieve a total victory, they need to win with a goal difference of at least 2, which is considered the minimum condition to achieve the final victory.

What is the operating principle of the 1-goal handicap?

Besides understanding the 1-goal handicap, you need to master the operating principles of this type of handicap. The way to calculate winning and losing results is similar to other popular types of bets on the market:

  • If the team with “Handicap 1 goal” wins with a difference of 2 goals or more and the final score is 2-0, 3-1, 3-0,… then the player who bets on the team “Handicap 1 goal” will win. win according to the rate given by the house, while players who bet on the “Handicap 1 Left” team will lose the initial bet amount.
  • If the team with the “Handicap 1 goal” bet wins with a difference of only 1 goal and the final score is 1-0, 2-1, 3-2,… then both bettors will have their bets refunded by the house. initial bet.
  • If the “Handicap 1 goal” team loses to the underdog team by any score, the player who bets on the “Handicap 1 goal” team will lose the bet amount according to the rate given by the bookmaker, while The player who bets on the team “Handicap 1 goal” will win according to the odds given by the house

Instructions on how to read the 1-ball handicap in soccer

After understanding the concept and operation of the 1-goal handicap, bettors should not forget to learn how to read the information on the odds table. To perform the most accurate odds reading, you need to focus on the following components:

  • Betting time: Expressed as FT (Full Time) for the whole match and H1 (Half Time) for the first half.
  • HDP (Handicap): This is the abbreviation for “Handicap,” which means handicap.
  • Favorite team color: The home team is usually marked with a bold color and placed at the top of the odds table.
  • At the handicap column position: On the left is the odds, while on the right is the payout rate when you bet and win based on each team.

Experience in playing and betting on 1-goal handicap 

You probably already understand the 1-goal handicap, so let’s learn how to bet effectively. Here are some playing tips to help bettors fully control their odds of winning:

Depending on the situation, choose to bet on the home team or the away team

Consider betting based on the home and away teams when you learn about the “1 goal handicap” handicap. Most importantly, you are aware that this is the ratio for the strong team to face the weak team. However, never ignore the home field factor, an important advantage for the team. Below is how to apply the “Handicap 1” betting rules based on home and away fields:
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  • Away team handicap 1: When the away team does not enjoy home field advantage and also has to handicap 1 point, this shows that the away team is stronger. No matter which side the odds are higher, you should consider choosing the away team.
  • Home team handicap 1: Because the home team has home field advantage, handicapping 1 point does not necessarily make them stronger. Therefore, if the odds for the home team are higher, consider choosing the away team. On the contrary, if the odds for the home team are lower, you can consider choosing the home team.

Based on the correlation between the two teams, place a 1-goal handicap bet

To bet on the “Handicap 1 Left” bet effectively, you should focus on analyzing the performance and strength correlation between the two teams. Let’s look at which team is doing better in the last 5 matches. In the 5 times they faced each other, which team had what results? 

Next, consider their position on the rankings, force situation, injuries and the team’s internal situation. All of these factors can affect how you evaluate and bet on the “Handicap 1 Left.”

Above, we have provided specific information to answer questions about betting Handicap 1 goal What is. Furthermore, share with readers some experiences from experts on how to bet on “Handicap 1 goal.” Players can completely apply this knowledge when participating in soccer betting sites to optimize their chances of winning.

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